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Sept. 05 

Orion The Hunter  by Sarah Thomas

Karen, a woman suffering from violence in her current marriage, and three of her colleagues gather in the North of England for a corporate survival themed teambuilding race against teams from other companies.  As their disgruntled guide, ex-soldier Mike, who is escaping his own violent past, tries to get them through the tasks necessary to complete the course, petty squabbles, dark ambitions and intense encounters surface to push the entire group into places they are unable to escape from.  

Sept. 12

Avalon by Peter Briffa

Gynaecologist Greg Yelland is enjoying a dinner party with his wife Judy, his youngest son Arthur and his son’s new girlfriend Morgan at his delightful house just off Brick Lane. Everything seems to be going swimmingly until Morgan suddenly offers an opinion that brings the party to a thuddering halt. Soon Greg’s whole life is in turmoil as he finds himself plunged into a world of suicide bombers and religious extremism. None of it is his fault. Or is it?

Sept. 19

Audition Pieces with  Brian Parsonage-Kelly


Sept. 26

Ticking Away by Armelle Lajus

16 year-old Aiden is given the chance to redeem himself by working in the shop he and his friends looted. Shopkeeper William has his own demons to fight with the help of his French neighbour Christelle, a frustrated baker’s wife. But life gets more complicated for William as he struggles with his feelings for Christelle and for Aiden who reminds him of the son he lost.

(Stage Play 65 minutes)

Oct. 3

Mozart With The Morrisons by Karen Bartholomew

What is a birth plan? A nice idea, a necessity or a waste of time? At ‘St Joseph the Useless‘ antenatal meetings, an anxious gathering soon learn that the only certainty about child birth is, there is no certainty.

(Stage Play 75 minutes)

Oct. 10

Think Of Their Little Faces by Samantha Lierens

Oct. 17

Player Playwrights AGM

Oct. 24

Conversation Before A Hanging by Mary Kenny

William Joyce, better known as Lord Haw Haw, was the last man to be hanged for high treason. He had broadcast for Nazi Germany during World War II. This is a narrative about his trial and the efforts of his brother to save him from the gallows. Mary Kenny has drawn on her research for her acclaimed biography of Joyce, “Germany Calling.”

(Stage Play)

Oct. 31

Locked In by Rebecca Lyon

The story of Locked In follows a diverse group unemployed men and women as they navigate their hierarchy after being held together after a bomb threat.

Nov. 7

Britain after Brexit Competition

Entries are due on/by 24 October.

Our Competition Secretary, Christa, is on maternity leave, so please email the entries instead to Kevin Mandry on
Please see our Competition page for more detail

Nov. 14

Bringing A Script To The Stage with John Hartoch, former Head of Acting at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.


Nov. 21

Gagged by Giles Fernando

Nov. 28

Then Not Now by Mary Conway

(Stage Play 90 minutes)

Dec. 05

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Cabaret, Annual Awards, Pantomime