Send us your scripts

Playerplaywrights are looking for scripts for our next term in early 2017. To submit, please fill in the form below. Please read the following information before submission.

Getting your Act together

Our overriding aim
The overriding aim of Player-Playwrights, as constituted in August 1948, is to help aspiring playwrights and scriptwriters to have their work performed in public. We therefore meet on Monday evenings at the North London Tavern, 375 Kilburn High Road NW6 7QB. Our room upstairs is open from 6; and from 7.30 pm members’ plays and scripts are given a (slightly) rehearsed reading by our professional actors and discussed and appraised by us all. This is a private reading but its purpose is to assist the writer in preparing his or her work for sale, production and public performance.

Managing the programme
The Secretary, Peter Thompson, produces 3 programmes a year in consultation with the writers and they cover three terms: Spring (January to March), Summer (April to July) and Autumn (September to December). Writers with a script to submit for a reading need to plan ahead and to submit a completed booking form [reverse side] as soon as the script is ready. If you do not have a mentor, submit a copy of the script at the same time. This should be done by email to Peter Thompson at or hand him a hard copy and booking form on a Monday night.

The mentoring scheme
In order for the writer to derive maximum benefit from the reading it is important that the script should be in as good a state as possible. Also scripts which are plainly unready are unfair on the actors and tedious for the audience. We therefore have a Mentoring scheme. Its essential feature is that no script will be read on a Monday evening unless a mentor has signed and submitted a form [see over] confirming that the script is ready for a P-P reading at least 4 weeks before the reading date. The task of the mentor [following the role of Mentor in Homer’s Odyssey] is to give wise counsel and to save the writer from criticism for obvious flaws in the work. The mentor should not sign it off until satisfied that the script is ready for performance and may be expected to justify this decision in the discussion on the night. All members are eligible to act as mentors.

Preparing the scripts for the cast
Each member of cast must receive a hard copy of the script in font size 12 or 14 with pages numbered here are three further tips
· Avoid loose pages. Preferred options are for scripts to be spiral bound or tagged
· Actors prefer to have their character’s name centres in bold above the dialogue
· Someone needs to read “directions”. We suggest casting that person as Narrator

On the night
Please prepare a short programme note with a cast list and your email address for distribution on the night; and try to get your cast together for a pre-reading at 6pm.