As part of bring new writing to a room full of those both new and old to the industry we require a company of trained actors to perform at each reading. We  list who we need for each reading and if you are free and wanting to be involved please email with the name of the play in the subject line.

This system should create a fairer and easier way for actors to practise their craft without unconscious bias. We are open to new members and welcome both Actors and Writers to join us however all current PlayerPlaywright members will receive priority.

Sept. 26

Ticking Away by Armelle Lajus

William Turner, late 50s – An antique dealer, a widower

Christelle, mid 40s – The baker’s French wife living next door

Aiden, 16 – A misguided youth

Eva, 15 – Christelle’s daughter

Marcus, 18 – Aiden’s friend

Leon, 19 – Aiden’s friend

Oct. 3

Mozart With The Morrisons by Karen Bartholomew

Male, early 40s

Female, late 30s

Female, early 40s

Male, early 20s

Female, early 20s

Female, 50’s (able to do an Irish accent)

Oct. 10

Think Of Their Little Faces by Samantha Lierens

Female, early 40s

Male, late 30s

Female, 30s

Oct. 17

Mr And Mrs Awesome by Amie Taylor


Oct. 24

Conversation Before A Hanging by Mary Kenny

Male, late 30s

Male, late 20s

Female, 20s

Female 60s

Male 40’s (able to do a voice of when he was in his 90’s)

Oct. 31

Locked In by Rebecca Lyon

Female early 20s

Female 50’s

Female 40’s

Female early 20s (black or mixed race)

Male 50’s/40’s

Nov. 7

Then Not Now by Mary Conway


Nov. 21


Female 30s

Male late 60s

Male 50’s

Female 30’s

Female 40’s